Chapter 19
Chapter 19
Title 青天霹靂 (Seiten Hekireki)
Translated Title A Bolt from the Blue
Brothers of the Heart
Fatherly Pride

A Bolt from the Blue is the 19th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter brought a conclusive battle between Marokichi and Rintaro, while introducing Ayane's new technique to stop Marokichi's rampage. It also revealed that Ren's objective for her return to observe and test Rintaro's worth in the academy.


The new Marokichi displays his incredible ability by stripping off Ayane's swimsuit and Asuna's remaining underwear without even touching them. While preying on an unconscious Makoto, Marokichi is stopped by Rintaro and a fierce brawl ensues where both fighters trade their blows while inflicting injuries. During the brawl, Rintaro claims that he somehow enjoying the fight while see Marokichi as an interesting rival. Using his two moves, Rintaro momentarily defeat Marokichi but quickly drained his stamina, causing him to lay down onto the ground. Still, his exhibition impressed Ren who claims the moves required a strong will, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, even after receiving earlier blow, Marokichi is on his rampage as he is charging towards Asuna. While Rintaro helplessly see his friend's madness, Asuna using her own Gōhō Hagan to stop Marokichi by slamming both floors and traps him. When Rintaro asks Ayane how did she learned the move very quickly, Ayane replies that she has been watching him all along and been through rigorous training to catch up with him despite the move itself is imperfect. Staggeringly, Rintaro's naked lower body part has revert Marokichi in his normal state much to Rintaro's embarrassment. As Asuna and Rumina are about to leave, Marokichi tells Asuna that he would going to help her even after learning her manipulative side. At the same time , Meru made a surprising return by dropping herself from the sky and landed on the academy via the parachute. However, Ren tells her friend that she come late since she has witnessed Rintaro's worth in the academy. Ren tells Rintaro that while she leaves Rino under Rintaro's care, she also warns him not to make her sister as his wife. This conversation also prompting Meru to tease the former dragon's about her sudden change and her recent relationship with Rintaro.

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