Batsuzangaisei Ceremony is one of the Seven Traditions of Nangokuren.[1]


Both competitors have to start attacking the building at the same time, the one

Ceremony Rules.png

who destroys his or her side of the building first will be declared the winner. 

Tradition and History

Originally, the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony was a way to determine the strength between students, it eventually became a school tradition.


Using only their own strength and skills, the competitors have to destroy

Ren Hall: A building named after Ren in honor of winning the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony

a school building scheduled to be demolished. After the old building is torn down, it is replaced with a new one that will be named after the ceremony winner.[2]

Ceremony Winners

  • Ren: The previous winner of the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony, she won the ceremony in her Third Year. The Ren Hall is named after her.[3]
  • Rintaro: Newest winner of Batsuzangaisei Ceremony, he won the ceremony in his First Year. He unintentionally  destroyed two buildings in the process, while Ren took an hour to destroy one.

Known Competitors

Red Flag

The Red Flag is a banner with a black emblem that is used to formally announce that a challenge invoking the tradition of the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony has been issued between two students.


  • Batsuzangaisei refers to an enormous power that can tear down mountains, with the energy to blanket the entire world.
  • Rintaro is the only student who won the Batsuzangaisei, by destroying two academy buildings with a single blow, a feat that has become a legend in Nangokuren.


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