Chapter 10.jpeg
Chapter 10
Title A Talent for Misfortune
Kanji 膏火自薦 (Kōka Jisen)
Crisis in the Enemy Camp

A Talent for Misfortune is the 10th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter is focusing the upcoming Bakugyaku Festival and also Rintaro, who comes first place among the First Years and paired with Kyōka, The Dragon of Power who rivaled with Ayane for supremacy of the academy, and also the first place among the Third Years.


Rintaro is watching the test results from afar and feels delighted to find himself at the first place among the First Years. His celebrations however is cut short as Shiryuu Choo, one of the his fellow first year students, found him. The trio discuss about the upcoming Bakugyaku Festival, a sports festival where top ten students from First and Third-Years are paired up and compete each other for the prize, which according to Ayane, the winning pair would be given a right to create a new school rule. When Rintaro is searching for his would-be partner, Rurina is stalking him from afar and eventually caught by Rintaro, who is hiding inside the trash bin while waiting for her. Despite seeing Rurina's fanatic items about him, Rintaro immediately remembers her as the former Disciplinary Squad member, much to Rurina's delight. Their reunion however is interrupted by Naomi, who challenges Rintaro into a fight while trying to disqualify Kyōka. However, the fight is halted by Kyōka's roar and Naomi is easily beaten by Kyōka's heavy blow. She then briefly fights against Rintaro while tearing his tie. Rintaro tries to protect himself with his air shield but Kyōka cuts it in half with a chop, leaving Rintaro at the dragon's mercy who claims him as her "best meal ever". To his further dismay, Kyōka tells Rintaro that she would be his partner for the upcoming event since Kyōka also ranked in first place among the Third Year.

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