Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Title A Talent for Misfortune
Crisis in the Enemy Camp

A Talent for Misfortune is the 10th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter is focusing the upcoming Bakugyaku Festival and also Rintaro, who comes first place among the First Years, faces yet another ordeal as he had to tag with Kyōka, The Dragon of Power who rivaled with Ayane over for supremacy of the academy, who is on the first place among the Third Years, as his partner for this upcoming event.


The story started as Rintaro watching the test results from afar and as he found himself being the first place, Rintaro couldn't be much happier as he finally made his father proud. His celebration for his high scores however was cut short as he was found by Shiryuu Choo, one of the his fellow first year student, while he found her come too close upon him. Intrigued about the rumors that Ayane mention about, Shiryuu is going to test Rintaro the skills, which Rintaro summon Kito to hide elsewhere while cover himself from the fan service with his jacket. Like a Spanish bullfighter dancing with an angry ox, Rintaro would dodged most of Shiryuu kicks while managed to warp around Shiryuu waist and cover the entire hip, much to Rintaro's delight that at least he wouldn't see the short skirt anytime soon. Speechless and found Rintaro's move much a mockery to her famous idol's move, Shiryuu begin to fight him in a serious mood, which is stopped by Ayane by pulling one of her braids. The later would talk each other until Ayane congratulate Rintaro for the first place, which made Rintaro to "brag" about his achievements and much to all the girls dissapointment (in truth he had to avoid contact thanks to his inner disease) over his sudden arrogance. As Ayane mentions that whoever win the festival would change the school rules, Rintaro would first imagined that it would be the great idea (first thing had in his mind has to be) and his uncharacteristic which left both girls think about him in 2 occasions;

Just as Rintaro going separated ways to find his possible partners for the upcoming event, Rintaro found himself stalked by his fan, Rurina . As Rurina is on her pursuit to find her crush, she found her crush is inside the trash bin and fell on the floor. Much to Rintaro's concern, almost all the fanatic stuff about him and being to think if he remember Rurina as the former Disciplinary Squad, much to Rurina's delight. Their reunion would cut off by an incoming academy bully's punch, which Rintaro managed save Rurina from the heavy punches that smashed the concrete. The giant bully then introduced herself as Naomi, and she would issued a challenge towards Rintaro after she heard over his rank as the 1st place. Enraged over her beloved stuff are ruined in pieces, Rurina engaged her attack upon Naomi with her sword attack, which ended up being repel from Naomi's body much to the both students surprised. Naomi would later tell her victims that with Rintaro's gone, Kyōka had no chance in make it into the festival and before she could fight with the freshman, a roar from Kyōka is heard and halt the fight in the progress. Kyōka would then found the fight intriguing while she tell Naomi in a sarcasm manner that although her body has changed, her cheating for glory would not. Angered by the taunts, Naomi would fumed in anger over Kyōka her position is the reason behind her undesirable change, seemly blamed her for "stole the spotlight" and eat a lot to . Had heard enough of the giant student's ramblings, Kyōka warn Naomi to remain silent or she will have Naomi to learn the lesson the hard way; which Naomi continued to bark towards Kyōka until Kyōka decided to walk towards Naomi and give a heavy knock out blow to Naomi,

After finished off Naomi, Kyōka then turn her attention towards Rintaro while giving the barrage of punches, while Rintaro dodged almost all the punches as his tie is inevitably torn apart. Seeing Kyōka is no push over as he see not only the power but also the foot work which he unfamiliar with, Rintaro began to defend himself with his move,, as the wind is so strong that it can blow anything away. Sadly for him, Kyōka managed to slit the air shield in half with her chop, which made Rintaro found himself trapped as Kyōka tell Rintaro that he is her "best meal ever". Much to his dismay, Rintaro didn't expect that Kyōka is his partner for the upcoming event since Kyōka.

The chapter would ended with Rintaro is livid about his position couldn't be much worse than his previous misadventures, while Rumina is lamenting about her broken dream with Rintaro.

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