Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Title Crisis in the Enemy Camp
Kanji 敵陣危急 (Tekijin Kikyū)
A Talent for Misfortune
Crouching Genius, Hidden Talent

Crisis in the Enemy Camp is the 11th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter is primary focused about Kyōka as she tagged with Rintaro as 1st Rank Team and invited Rintaro to her house to practice Nihon Buyou, a traditional dance that has became Kyōka's family's tradition for generations and seemly a source for Kyōka's fighting style. It is also illustrate that Rintaro's first visit to the girls house would be his chance for him to understand further about Kyōka and learn her elegance despite her brutish rivalry against his ally, Ayane.


Misa and Chiyoko help Kako for her scheme to acquire all of Nangokuren's one-day limited edition pudding, but ended in failure as the puddings fell onto the ground. Meanwhile, Rintaro still lamenting about his would-be partnership with Kyōka before an announcement by Okina to summon an assembly in the First Gymnastic Hall for the announcement. During the announcement for the upcoming Bakugyaku Festival, Okina reveals the five teams of pairs (except Naomi team due to her injuries and Marokichi's sudden disapearance) and with the principle rolls the dice, a dance competition is chosen for the main event's theme. Rintaro however frustrated over the event's bizzare course until Kyouka invites him to her house in order to teach him Nihon Buyou, a traditional Japanese dance her family has been practicing for generations and a core foundation of her fighting style. While confuse at first, Rintaro immediately accepts as he thinking about changing the school rules if his team wins. While entering the Kagamiin Family's Mansion, Rintaro also met Kyōka's mother who teases her daughter's relationship with Rintaro. While receives a lavish lunch by Kyōka, Rintaro finds her cooking delicious. He then help Kyōka to collect the plates and uses the complex route, which is just waxed a while ago, to the kitchen with ease, further impresses Kyōka. While bathing alone, Rintaro is shock to see Kyōka enters the bathroom as she wishes to talk with him alone.

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