Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Title Crouching Genius, Hidden Talent
Kanji 伏竜鳳雛 (Fukuryū Hōsū)
Crisis in the Enemy Camp
Conjugal Affection

Crouching Genius, Hidden Talent is the 12th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter is primary focused about the continuation tale of Rintaro's visit to Kyōka's as she tagged with Rintaro as 1st Rank Team and invited Rintaro to her house to practice Nihon Buyou, a traditional dance that has became Kyōka's family's tradition for generations and seemly a source for Kyōka's fighting style. It is also illustrate that Rintaro's Hentai Syndrome's secret would be first revealed since the first chapter of the series; making Kyōka the first student to know his secret. It also revealed Kyōka's past and reason as the academy powerhouse Dragon she is today.


During their bath, Rintaro tires to escape from Kyōka by clinging to the walls, irritates the Power Dragon as she assumes that he didn't want to talk with her. Unfortunately, Rintaro slips and fell into a quicksand bath which sinks him deeper and just as Kyōka is getting closer to him, Rintaro had to reveal his illness to Kyōka. Rather than just angry about it, Kyōka understands well and claims the boy's case is more complex than she anticipated, much to Rintaro surprise. Since he reveals the truth behind his bizarre behavior, Kyōka also tells him her story. According to Kyōka's past, she used to be a bookworm who has no friends despite scoring high grades in her class and often return home for her dancing practice. However, she saw Ren's harassment by the thugs and decided to rescue Ren, who beaten the thugs easily while instructed Kyōka to beat the remaining thugs. Throughout her duels with Ren and Meru, Kyōka was a changed student not just her personality, but also her appearances and appeal. After telling her story, Kyōka finds Rintaro's story is more harsh while further telling him that since she is in Third Year, she has little time in the school. In the midst of their conversation, Ryōko heard their conversation from the other bath and assuming her daughter has found her dream man, much to Rintaro's dismay. So Rintaro spends five days in Kagamin Family Mansion to train his dances under Kyōka's guidance. Prior to the Bakugyaku Festival's opening, Ayane and her friends reunites with Rintaro and Kyōka.

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