Chapter 13
Chapter 13
Title Conjugal Affection
Kanji 鳳凰千飛 (Hōō Senbi)
Crouching Genius, Hidden Talent
Learning from Defeat

Conjugal Affection is the 13th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter illustrates the Bakugyaku Festival has arrived where the Dance Team competed themselves to win the event.


The festival ceremony begins with a speech by Kagamiin Ryōko, who revealed herself as Nangokuren High School's director much to Rintaro's shock and Kyōka's embarrassment. Through the entire event, the Bakugyaku Festival Dance competition commences with two teams forfeited (Team Erin-Rurina and Team Ayane-Misa) and one team disqualified (Team Kako-Makoto), leaving only Team Shiryuu-Chiyoko whom managed to dance well in the competition. As the sky gone dark, Team Rintaro-Kyōka perform their graceful dance before interupted by a lightning strike onto the stage, prompting Okina immediately urges the team to stop dancing. Even the lightning strike destroyed the stage, both Rintaro and Kyōka manage to dodge it and make a safe landing, resulting in the team's victory for the first place and their performance receives a huge ovation for creating a new legend. Ryōko further teases the relationship between Rintaro and Kyōka after seeing them holding their hands together, much to Rintaro's dismay. Suddenly, Okina announces the festival's bonus round, the "Last Man Standing" match between both winning students, which excites Kyōka even further as she anticipating a duel with Rintaro. Despite Rintaro's protest, Kyōka uses the stage remains as the ring in order to start the match between both fighters.

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