Chapter 14.png
Chapter 14
Title Learning from Defeat
Kanji 捲土重来 (Kendo Jūrai)
Conjugal Affection
Chance Encounters

Learning from Defeat is the 14th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. At the conclusion event of the Bakugyaku Festival, Kyōka and Rintaro fight in a "Last Man Standing" match.


Okina explains the rules of the Festival's Bonus Round to both winning students where they have to fight until the last man standing. Rintaro makes any attempts to forfeit himself from the match but his efforts were quickly thwarted by Kyōka. In reluctance, Rintaro fights against Kyōka with all of his might and powers. Both fighters fight in an immense battle where they trade blows against each other but they launch their ultimate techniques to best themselves, only Rintaro flips out from the ring, resulting Kyōka's victory. At backstage, Rino visits Kyōka and supposedly remarks that both fighters were in a stalemate but Kyōka fell down due to an impact from Rintaro's Tenpa Shoujin. Because of this impact and Rintaro's accidently lost by slipping out from the ring from a pool of water, Kyōka claimed that while she won the match Rintaro has defeated her in a fight. In the event's aftermath, Naomi, who reverted into her original self, came late to the stadium as she lamenting over her disqualification. On her way home, the evil beauty bumps onto an unknown boy who transforms into an unknown beast and ambushes her off screen. In the same time, Rintaro vowed to be stronger in order to not touched by any girls. Unbeknownst to himself though, an unknown silhouette is watching over Rintaro from above the stadium.

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