Chapter 17
Chapter 17
Title New Friends and Unexpected Meetings
Kanji 傾蓋知己 (Keigai Chiki)
Repressed Rage
Brothers of the Heart

New Friends and Unexpected Meetings is the 17th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


After gotten rid of Keiko, Asuna asks Marokichi to defeat another Ryōzenpaku member Makoto but Marokichi initially refuses and asks if these girls did anything "terrible" to her. Through Asuna's act however, Marokichi reluctantly doing her biding for the last time. While captured the underwear theft, Rintaro received a text message from Ayane and immediately rushes to the Medical Infirmary, only to find Keiko lying on a bed. While informing both girls that the former Disciplinary Squad members was behind Ayane's underwear thievery, Rintaro also learns from Makoto that Keiko was attacked by an unknown beast and receives its only clue, Marokichi's watch. Ren appears to both Ryōzenpaku members but she reassures them that she did not come to fight. In order to lure the Beast, Makoto initially volunteer herself as bait but Ayane quickly protests as she is going to lure the Beast herself. When Ren asks about her noble sacrifice, Ayane replies that she will not let anyone who injures her friend slip away. As Rintaro and Ren follow Ayane and Makoto, an exhausted Marokichi came in front of them and he is taken to the Medical Infirmary. Both boys talk about troubles with girls and just as Marokichi apologize for being a burden for Rintaro, Rintaro tells him that he did not mind as he claims that even until today, he still thinking about his woes and even feels envious about Marokichi's generosity. Before Marokichi could speaks the truth, Rintaro suddenly reminds himself about Ayane and immediately leaving the infirmary despite Marokichi's sudden departure. Meanwhile, Rumina report Keiko's injury and Marokichi's disappearance to Asuna, forcing her to buy some time while Rumina searching for Marokichi. Ayane briefly fighting against Asuna who vows to defeat the Speed Dragon for Rino's respects. As Marokichi arrives, Asuna calls him for help but Marokichi tells Asuna that he decided to quit. However, through Asuna's another act Marokichi transforms into the Beast via Asuna's seduction much to Ayane's shock.

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