Chapter 18.jpg
Chapter 18
Title Brothers of the Heart
Kanji 肝胆相照
Romaji Kantan Sōshō
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Brothers of the Heart is the 18th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


Despite their best efforts, Ayane and Makoto are not match against Beast Marokichi as he not only knocks out Makoto, but also outruns Ayane and trying to defeat her, in which is foiled by an incoming Rintaro who kicks Marokichi to a nearby building. Ren also comes along as takes Makoto to a safe place. Under Asuna's orders, Marokichi brutally beats Rintaro by dragging him through the school building while throwing him onto the ground, much to Ayane's horror and Asuna's delight. The monster's strength prompts Rintaro remarks it as fast yet destructive like a speedy bullet. To everyone staggering surprise however, through his new stance Sumibi Gyoukaku, Rintaro manages to stop Marokichi's charge and making him tripping to another school building, which reverts Marokichi into his normal state. As Rintaro is shocked to see the revelation, Marokichi apologizes to Rintaro while revealing his Gachimuchi Syndrome, a disease that enable him to transform into a bulky monster whenever he is sexually aroused to any girl he sees but costing his sense and reason. Nonetheless, Rintaro forgives Marokichi as he claims that since they shared their same troubles, he is willing to help him and even considers him as a brother. Infuriated, Asuna cut their conversation as she tries to eliminate Rintaro by stripping herself naked and forcing Marokichi to grope her breast, causing the boy to transform into the Beast again. The transformation however instead turns Marokichi into an unfamiliar form.

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