Chapter 2
Title Wet Sky, Hard Ground
Kanji 雨降地固 (Amefuri Jiko)
An Unusual Guest from Heaven
Dance of Double Wind

Wet Sky, Hard Ground is the 2nd chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter illustrates Rintaro's hellish academy life begins while Ayane tend to on pursuit until Rintaro accepts her as his disciple. This chapter also focus on Ayane's own group, the Ryōzenpaku, along with her subordinates like Keiko and Makoto.


In the class, Rintaro still laments over the previous decision while being annoyed by Ayabe, who calls him master. Okina, Rintaro's and Ayane's homeroom teacher, Okina, urges everyone not to be lazy while not to forget in love while young. As bells ring, Ayane meets up with her fellow Ryōzenpaku members friends Keiko and Makoto, who are discussing about Ayane's her apprenticeship under Rintaro before she disappears and chasing after Rintaro. Despite their initial skepticism, Keiko and Makoto decide to meet Rintaro in person to see his worth in gaining Ayane's trust. Meanwhile, Rintaro is seeking refuge at the academy's rooftop after realizing that girls are everywhere in the academy, before realzing that Ayane is lurking somewhere. Even after rejects Ayane's request to be her mentor, Rintaro learns that Ayane needs his guidance to defeat Kyōka and Rino with her own powers, which reminds Rintaro about his past struggles and training to overcome his illness. As the rain falls, Rintaro takes his bath in a lavish bathroom which reveals to be a all girls bathing hall, prompting Rintaro to leave but his naked lower half shocks Ayane. Keiko and Makoto rush to the scene and when they Ayane's shock, they attacks Rintaro as they (allegedly) seeing his "true colors" despite the actual misunderstanding, forcing Rintaro to retaliate against the girls. During the prolonged battle however, the attack damages the pipe and Ayane immediately protect her friends the steaming water. Ayane's value on friendship prompts Rintaro to reflect himself as he smashes the pillar to keep the steam water away from Ayane and her friends. In its aftermath, Rintaro tells Ayane and friends that he agree to appoint the Speed Dragon's as his first disciple and going to assist her in the academy, much to Ayane's delight and her friends relief (the only reason they accept Rintaro is because of Ayane's decision). As Ayane bow to Rintaro as her gratitude, she begins to faint and her friends begin to support her where Rintaro stares them in an odd fashion (which he dubbed the leaders as "Six Enormous Mountains"), forcing him to flee into another pool away from the girls.

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