Chapter 21
Chapter 21
Title Trials and Tribulations
Kanji 披荊斬棘
Romaji Kannan Shinku
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Trials and Tribulations is the 21st chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter is focusing on Ayane's bitter reunion with Saizō and Ayane, who are now became her enemies. It also reveals Ayane's dark past as a former member of the notorious Asahina Clan, leading to Rintaro's rivalry against Saizō for Ayane's freedom.


While reuniting with Saizō and Iori, Ayane witnessing a mock battle between Saizō and Rintaro where Saizō's fingers almost gorging Rintaro's left eye. Before their departure, Iori accuses Ayane as a traitor while Saizō tells Ayane that she is given three days to settle her affairs. At night, Ayane tells the Tachibana Family and Rurina about her dark past. As a former member of the Asahina Clan, she learned Kokumu Anten School's assassination arts with Iori and Saizō. In their final lesson however, both girls were hesitant to fight due to their strong bonds but when they asked Saizō for his guidance, he instead showed his true colors by mercilessly beating his fellow students while smirked with a murderous grin, causing Ayane to flee away from the clan while abandoning Iori. Ayane's troubled history made Rintaro unable to sleep and while being consulted by his father, Rintaro tells Kentaro about his journey in the academy and his resolution to use his powers to help others. Having proud at his son's resolve, Kentaro trains with Rintaro overnight. On the next day, Rintaro and Ayane confronting Saizō and Iori and instead of just convincing Ayane to return to the clan with the duo, Rintaro challenges Saizō in a duel on Ayane's behalf for her freedom. Additionally, Rintaro also requests Saizō to give them one week of time for their preparation. Iori immediately accepts Rintaro's challenge by telling the duo that she will brutally crush her former friend until she is unable to stand, much to Saizō's sadistic delight and agrees to Iori's decision. Ayane then tells Iori that even they have to fight against each other, she vows to regain their bonds.

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