Chapter 22
Chapter 22
Title Overcoming Obstacles
Kanji 披荊斬棘
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Overcoming Obstacles is the 22nd chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


In the school, the Third Year students are witnessing an arm wresting between Chiyoko and Kako to decide their holiday trip, only to be interrupted by a returning Honori and the Second Year students, leading by Rino and her other four underlings, who are waiting outside the hall. Elsewhere, Kentaro briefly explains to everyone about Komuku Anten, a darker martial arts which Asahina Clan practiced that specialties high speed motion and stealthy attacks. Unfortunately, Kentaro also informs that fighting against a Komuku Anten participant could be a disadvantage for Rintaro because this martla arts has another attribute: its capability to adapt any kinds of enviroment especially darkness to defeat their defendless opponent. Nonetheless, Rintaro believes that Ayane had a chance to win if they find the way to counter a stealthy attack, so he immediately trains Ayane in a cave nearby. Despite using five days of training to dodge a drop of water from the cavern's ceiling, Ayane did little progress because she is still distraught over her dark past and her guilt for abandoning Iori for her escape. To ease her tension, Rintaro brings lavender flower petals and let them fly through Ayane. As Ayane still concerns about her problems, Rintaro reassures his student that he will handle her problems much to Speed Dragon's ease. Through her calm mind and confidence, Ayane finally successfully dodges the water drop with ease much to Rintaro's delight. Meanwhile, Saizō provides Iori his own training while warns the girl that he will kill her if she loses a battle. A week has passes since their encounter, both Ayane and Iori prepare their duel as Rintaro and others watch the duel from the sidelines.

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