Chapter 24
Chapter 24
Title The Awakening of Gokushiki
Kanji 極式覚醒
Romaji Gokushiki Kakusei
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The Awakening of Gokushiki is the 24th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter focuses on a duel between Rintaro and Saizō for Ayane's and Iori's freedom and showcasing Rintaro's (allegedly) true form, the Gokushiki. It also concluding the summer vacation for Rintaro and his friends.


Before the duel could even begin, Rintaro asks Saizō why he wouldn't free Ayane and Iori, to which Saizō explains that Ryūha Kokumu Anten is a secret martial arts only to be practiced by Asahina Clan members, and he boasting that his version will be "the strongest" of all. Both fighters fight in fierce battle but even with his best efforts, Rintaro is easily overwhelmed by Saizō's amazing feat of speed and power. To add insult to Rintaro's injury, Saizō continues to belittle his rival and gloating anything about "strength", something Saizō views as a tool for domination and subjugation. Rintaro however counters as he claims that Saizō's path is wrong and while he vows to free Ayane and Iori and stop his madness, he further unlocks his hidden power from within. Both fighters continue to fight with all their might, only ends up in a stalemate: Rintaro returns to his normal form through exhaustion while Saizō is severely injured after receiving Rintaro's blows. Despite his injuries however, Saizō begins to recognizes Rintaro's power as he not only entrusting both Ayane and Iori to him, he also warns Rintaro that he will kill him should they meet again before disappears into the fog. Ayane and Iori-whose clothes were torn from their previous duel- thanking Rintaro for his rescue, though Iori remain skeptical towards Rintaro as she deems his as "lecherous". Since the battle's aftermath, Iori transfers herself to the Nangokuren High School along with Ayane, Rintaro and Rurina.

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