Chapter 25.png
Chapter 25
Title Battle Royale
Kanji 伝国璽杯
Romaji Denkoku Jihai
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Battle Royale is the 25th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter illustrates the Nangokuren High School's Battle Royale where everyone is fighting over the Royal Seal, a prized possession which Rintaro finds by accident in his locker.


Upon his return after his summer trip, Rintaro is stunned to see a nearly ruined school but his fellow female First Years students (Ayane and her friends) greet him as usual. After his interaction with Rino, who easily beaten Naomi and her followers whilst urging him to be stronger, Rintaro learns from Kousuke and Tamo about the school's Battle Royale-a major event where students (Second-Year and Third-Year only) are searching for the hidden Royal Seal within the academy, and the winner (whoever finds the Royal Seal) will be rewarded a special scroll of secret martial arts technique. Coincidentally, Rintaro finds the Royal Seal in his locker and he had to hide it from anyone, including Ayane and Iori. Outside, Rintaro meets Honori when he uses the school flag to wipe his pants whilst seeing Honori picks up the Royal Seal, which is dropping from his pants. To his surprise however, Honori returns the Royal Seal to Rintaro as she has no interest to the prized possession. As he seeing girls are approaching to their way, Rintaro learns from the Cheerleader that this location is actually the school's Secret Hot Spring, forcing Rintaro to use his technique to escape but creating a fountain instead, while prompting Honori helping him to create a bigger Hot Spring, which later known as the Rintaro Onsen. At the same time, Honori helps Rintaro by hiding him inside the flag from the girls, prompting the boy to see the Cheerleader as a kind person. Elsewhere, Iyo, whose mission is to spy on Honori, turns her attention towards Rintaro and disguises herself as Ayane in order to approach the boy.

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