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Chapter 27
Title Strong and Weak Points
Kanji 一長一短
Romaji Icchō Ittan
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Strong and Weak Points is the 27th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


Having being cornered by both Megu and Kako, Rintaro sees Kito manages to grab the seal for him, which the girls deems it as one of Rintaro's "trickery". Nevertheless, Rintaro had to fight against both fighters before accidently drops into the hole as both girls accidently hitting themselves with their weapons, resulting their argument and brawl without knowing Rintaro's escape.

Whilst trying to deal with the Royal Seal, Rintaro decides to seek Honori for her advice at the cheer leading club. Honori instead informs Rintaro that strengths and weaknesses are inevitable while telling the boy about herself (which she refers herself as her "friend"). According to her past, because she yielded a loud voice since childhood, Honori often got herself into unwanted trouble but managed to befriend with Kyōka and Kako. When Kyōka was performing her Nihon Buyou dance in one exhibition however, the speakers were broken and Kyōka herself became nervous without the music. Honori helped Kyōka by using her loud song as music whilst Kyōka continued to dance with grace, garnering the audience's ovation. After the exhibition, Kyōka encouraged Honori to speak louder as she fells free. After hearing the story, Rintaro asks Honori if her past relating the Royal Seal, to which Honori replies that he should focuses on the advantages on using the Royal Seal instead. Having strengthen his resolve, Rintaro requests Honori to provide her support which Honori agrees.

Under Honori's announcement, all 2nd and 3rd Year students (including Kyōka and Rino) are rushing to the Heavenly Arts Coliseum and to their surprise, Rintaro holds the Royal Seal and destroys it barehanded whilst (under Honori's encouragement) telling everyone to stop fighting. Kyōka and Rino however don't take Rintaro's mediation kindly as they claim that unless one is standing on the summit, chaos would not stop before the Dragons eventually settling thier score by having a duel, further fueling the feud between two factions.

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