Chapter 29.png
Chapter 29
Title Seeing the Sun Again
Kanji 重見天日 (Chōken Tenjitsu)
Learning from the Past

Seeing the Sun Again is the 29th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


Upon Rintaro's confrontation towards Ren and Meru, Ayane and her friends are arriving to the now ruined Heavenly Arts Coliseum. Ren informs Rintaro that the reason for thier return to the academy was because the Battle Royale bothered her. Nevertheless, Meru asks Rintaro regarding his decision to be the Dragon (which stunned Ayane and her friends), to which the boy replies that whilst he finds fighting fun, he couldn't accept the fact that dueling could also dragging bystanders to unwanted consequences, so he resolves to be the Dragon in order to change the academy's ways. Even as they find his resolution intriguing, Ren informs Rintaro that he need to prove that resolve by fighting against both Meru and herself, which Rintaro accepts without hesitation. The brawl quickly ensures where two alumni fighters overpowering Rintaro in amazing feats of power and speed, seemly wearing the boy down despite he survives the attacks. As two legends proceed to attack Rintaro, who is on his defensive pose, the boy decides to go all out by building up his power, prompting the girls also to unleash their best technique as well.

The impact of the collision further damaging the Heavenly Arts Coliseum where Rintaro's maneuver split the building into four pieces, prompting the Dragons to shock in awe while Honori remarks the boy had just make history for making an unsual impact. However despite being bested by their junior, Meru advises Rintaro not to slack off nor losing against other three Dragons, to which Rintaro replies by raising his fist as his affirmative answer. In the aftermath, Rintaro rushes to check Honori over her injury and even as the Cheer-leader tells him that she would retire from the front lines for her shoulder recovery, Rintaro tells Honori that he will holding the flag until her full recovery, further earning Honori's respect.

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