Chapter 2
Title Wet Sky, Hard Ground
An Unusual Guest from Heaven
Dance of Double Wind

Wet Sky, Hard Ground is the 2nd chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. This chapter illustrates Rintaro's hellish academy life begins while Ayane tend to on pursuit until Rintaro accepts her as his disciple. This chapter also focus on Ayane's own group, the Ryōzenpaku, along with her subordinates like Keiko and Makoto.


The story then focus on the next day after Rintaro's first encounter to the Dragons. Still livid about the academy filled with girls despite the manliness name, Rintaro laments about the overwhelming girls population would make him think deeply about his previous decision. While annoyed by Ayane about her odd address (she call Rintaro master) as she wonder over his odd reaction, Rintaro would remark that his life would much worse than death and begin to wonder if he able to adapt such "dangerous" situation. The scene then goes to the introduction by the class homeroom teacher, Okina, who urged her students not to be lazy as it is because of the academy's constant problems, it won't be easy to evaluate the student's performance. As Ayane worried over Rintaro, Okina approach to her and wonder if Ayane has other thoughts since she became the latest Dragon of the academy and her own group, Ryōzenpaku is wide known; which Ayane replied a positive answer as her resolution. With a smile of approval, Okina would encourage the Dragon of Speed to follow her dreams before she tell her not to forget to be fall in love while young in a vulgar manner (not before switched back to her seriousness), much to Ayane's shock and speechless reaction. On Rintaro perspective, he would going to survive his first day before he could get the transfer while meditating to suppress his Hentai Syndrome within' him.

As the bell ring and Ayane tends to discuss further about her apprenticeship, she suddenly found Rintaro disappeared in thin air witnessed (only she can see through that move) Rintaro managed to slip through the and exit the classroom with his stealth move (Raihyō Sōku), without even his fellow classmate's detection. Amazed over the speed of the stealth move, Ayane is on pursuit on Rintaro so she can learn that move and yet she lost track of Rintaro after she just exits the classroom. Before she could even sigh, Ayane sensed the hostile aura and managed to dodge all 2 attacks by the 2 students. After the mock attack, Ayane would praised over the students improving skill as she is reuniting with her fellow Ryōzenpaku members and co-leaders, Keiko and Makoto. Putting reunion and fun aside, Makoto would discuss about a rumor over Ayane's apprenticeship with Rintaro, which Ayane comply that Kyōka's strength is too overwhelming for her to take on, much to the duo surprise. As she see something trigger her curiosity, Ayane would excuse herself by jumping over the window to go after the shadow figure; which immediately caused the duo remained silent and Makoto would go on to take more bath, much to Keiko's chagrin over Makoto's odd obsession on her personal hygiene. As Keiko ask Makoto about Ayane's decision, Makoto, who is skeptic upon Rintaro at first, tells Keiko that although they can't overturn Ayane's decision, they still going to meet Rintaro in person to see if he is worthy enough to gain Ayane's respect and trust.

No matter where he flee, Rintaro would always see girls are everywhere in the academy which forced him to seek refuge to the only safe place away from the cgirls, the academy rooftop; though his refuge was short-lived as he could sensed Ayane is lurking around somewhere nearby and summon her out from the scene, much to Ayane's delight that he can pick her aura with his six sense. While Rintaro prompts Ayane to give up he didn't plan to take anyone as his disciples, Ayane refused t not to give up as she told Rintaro that the reason she come to him is because she need his guidance to defeat the Dragons, the likes of Kyōka and Rino, with her own powers, which left Rintaro to think back his own past struggles and seemly understands her situation while tend to ask her some alternatives besides come to him. Then the sky rains heavily and just as he begin ask questions, Rintaro found himself in extreme pinch as Ayane come too close to him and tend to step away from her, accidently slip himself in the progress while the water pour over to Ayane and seen her uniform in a transparent while trying to escape in a goofy manner; which confused Ayane if her master was toying around while urged him to take a bath before he could catch a cold (much to his dismay that she didn't know the truth  that his inner disease caused the commotion).

Amazed over the enormous size of the bath hall, Rintaro would take his time bathing alone while lamenting over his situation which he couldn't be a "master" to someone. To his surprise though, Ayane would appear out of no where and tell her master that the bathhing hall . Seeing their leader upset, both Keiko and Makoto enraged while charge upon Rintaro as they assumed they had seen Rintaro's "true colors" and try to eliminate him. Seeing all the commotion not just the women but also the misunderstanding that going to make his life miserable, Rintaro managed to clam his mind while shut his eyes in order to concentrate; managed to dodge Keiko's and Makoto's barrage of attacks before he launched his own counter attack (Gansai Suida) to stun the girls without injuring. Ayane would later replied to her friends that Rintaro would temps to avoid any injuries inflicted on them with his focus mind, additionally claimed that even with their strength combined it won't help them to defeat him much to the co leaders reluctance to acknowledge his skills yet unconvinced as they going to take him on once again. The attack however, make a great damage to the pipe and create the chaos within, and just as Rintaro warn the co leaders to dodge the upcoming steam water, Ayane threw herself to protect her friends from harm much to the co-leaders worry and Rintaro's confusion over her act of valor. As Ayane answered that for her friends she would put everything on the line, Rintaro would reminded that all his life, he often defended for his own sake while not thinking over how others thoughts and decided to smashed the pillars to stop the hot water from running over Ayane's body further. The chapter then ended that Rintaro is livid over the incident and wished to transfer from the academy immediately.

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