Chapter 30
Chapter 30
Title Undefeated of the East
Kanji 東方不敗
Romaji Tōhō Fuhai
Seeing the Sun Again
True Friends

Undefeated of the East is the 30th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


The next day since Rintaro's declaration to be the next Dragon, everyone become skeptical towards him. There, with Rintaro's invention of the Paper Telecommunication, Erin tells Rintaro everything about being the Dragon and offer her help to pave his path as the Dragon, only to see Rintaro fleeing away instead. In the midst of everything, Rintaro encounters a mysterious new student who is "lost" in the academy and need help, though he later also confronts an grandiose arrival from Shoko, one of the guardians of the academy despite her average powers.

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