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Chapter 5

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{{Chapter Infobox
Earth-Shaking Tiger is the 5th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's [http://dragonsrioting.wikia.com/wiki/Dragons_Rioting Dragons Rioting].
|chapter= 5
|cover= [[File:Dragons_Rioting_Ch.5.jpg|200px]]
|japanese title= 虎動強震 (''Kodō Kyōshin'')
|translated title= Earth-Shaking Tiger
|volume= 1
|previous= [[Dragon Short Light]]
|next= [[Tiger Tail Spring Waters]]
'''Earth-Shaking Tiger''' is the 5th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's ''[[Dragons Rioting|'''Dragons Rioting''']]''.
Having accepted Ayane as his disciple, Rintarou begins to put her through training. However, seeing Ayane's body up close upsets him so much that he runs off half-way through their training session.
Finding solace in a game center, Rintarou meets a young girl of great gaming skills and fighting abilities who turns out to be Hatenko Meru, the "tiger" sought by Rino in the previous chapter.
==Summary[http://dragonsrioting.wikia.com/wiki/Dance_of_Double_Wind?action=edit&section=1 Edit][http://dragonsrioting.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Short_Light?action=edit&section=1 Edit]==
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
{{Template:Scroll box||content = # [[Tachibana Rintaro]]
{{Template:Scroll box||content = 1. [[Rintaro]]
# [[Ayane]]
2. [[Ayane]]
# [[Hatenko Meru]]
3. [[Hatenko Meru]]
# [[Rino]]}}
4. [[Rino]]}}
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