Dragons rioting ch.7.jpg
Chapter 7
Title Fierce Fighting
Kanji 竜攘虎博 (Ryūjō Kohaku)
Tiger Tail Spring Waters
The Unbreakable Bond of Hagen

Fierce Fighting is the 7th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.

This chapter continued the suspense from the previous chapter, where Rintaro met Meru for the second time. This chapter also illustrates another battle of the Dragons, and this time is Ayane versus the Dragon of Technique, Rino who sees Rintaro as another road block for her palns and she is going to dispose of him into a duel.


Before Rintaro and Meru could even begin their fight, Rino intervenes and convinces Meru to leave. Just as Meru complains about the Technique Dragon's sudden rudeness, Rino reminds the Tiger regarding the Covenant of Hagen and reveals her plan to test Rintaro, much to Meru's silence. While setting her sights on Rintaro, Rino deems him as a trouble member and decides to eliminate him since she views everything as dispensable, including Rintaro. Before she could do so however, Ayane steps forward and challenges Rino on Rintaro's behalf. Despite her best effort while enduring a tough battle, Ayane is defeated by Rino by her blades with her uniform is partially torn and inflicting moderate injuries. Seeing the Speed Dragon's injury, Meru takes Ayane for the infirmary with Rintaro and Erin following from behind. After seeing the devastating performance, Kyōka claims Rino has been hold out while claiming the lion need to display its full strength even hunting a small rabbit. Rino however retorts by while she understand about what is she saying, she further states the lion would lose interest if the rabbit is "too small", metaphorically her observation upon Rintaro's growth. In the infirmary, Meru reveals to everyone about her reason to fight Rintaro is to fulfill the Covenant of Hagen with Ren, Rino's elder sister and the academy's former Dragon.

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