Dragons rioting ch.7
Chapter 7
Title Fierce Fighting
Tiger Tail Spring Waters
The Unbreakable Bond of Hagen

Fierce Fighting is the 7th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.

This chapter continued the suspense from the previous chapter, where Rintaro met Meru for the second time. This chapter also illustrates another battle of the Dragons, and this time is Ayane versus the Dragon of Technique, Rino who sees Rintaro as another road block for her palns and she is going to dispose of him into a duel.


Before Rintaro and Hatenko can start their fight, Rino intervenes and convinces Hatenko to leave. Then, setting her sights onto Rintaro, Rino declares her intent to remove the trouble-maker causing Ayaneto step forward and fight on Rintaro's behalf. Enduring a tough battle, Ayane is defeated by Rino and then taken to the infirmary by Hatenko with Rintaro following, where they learn from Hatenko about Rino's older sister and former Dragon, Ren.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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