Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Title Batsuzangaisei
Kanji 抜山蓋世 (Batsuzan Gaisei)
The Unbreakable Bond of Hagen
A Talent for Misfortune

Batsuzangaisei is the 9th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe'Dragons Rioting.


In the next morning where the students gather the building, Okina explains to Tamao and Kōsuke about the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony, a formal challenge used to determine strength between students. While confronting each other, Meru tells Rintaro that while watch her serious side, she also tells the boy that Rino will not ignore him if the Technique Dragon sees his serious side. As the Ceremony begins, Meru made a quick moves by destroying the first building's pillars in mere seconds, stunning Rintaro and by standers.  While dodging the sea breeze that blows all the girl's skirt, Rintaro sees a crack on the cliff and uses his Gōhō Hagan onto the grond while drags Meru away. Just as Meru asks his sudden moves, a partial cliff rock is collapses, casuing  the building fell under the cliff, much to everyone's astonishment. Seeing such performance greatly excites Meru who claims that Ren also destroying the building in this fashion, but it took her an hour to destroy it. Among the stunning onlookers (including the shaken Kyōka and astonished Ayane), Rino come forth to Rintaro and tells him that he is hers which Rintaro mistaken her compliment as a "minus" (means nothing). While thanking him for a short-lived but a good fight and friendship, since she will be leaving the school afterwards, Meru asks Rintaro to be the Dragon while biding everyone farewell before the second building (Ren Hall) fell onto the shores, accidently breaking a new record. Meanwhile, Kyōka is going home for her dance while remarks her interest about Rintaro.

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