Kanji チヨコ
Romaji Chiyoko
Alias Kongōriki (Unbreakable Strength)
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Chiyoko (チヨコ, Chiyoko), also known as Kongōriki (金剛力, lit. Unbreakable Strength), is a third year student at Nangokuren High School and an ally of Kyōka.


Chiyoko is a tall girl with short light colored hair that reaches to her neck and a sizable bust. She wears the schools gym clothes, consisting of tight shorts, a tube top, and a jacket. She also wears a sweatband around each wrist.


Chiyoko has quite a laid back demeanor and tends to take things lightly. However, she does have a competitive side as she not only tries to recruit Shiryuu Choo to join the wrestling team, but also shows interest in winning the Bakugyaku Festival upon learning what the challenge would be. She seems quite fond of taking naps.


She was in attendance with Kyoka and the other students at the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony when Rintaro defeated Hatenko Meru.

Bakugyaku Festival

Before attending the school assembly in the First Main Gymnasium for the Bakugyaku Festival, Chiyoko is shown with fellow third years Misa and Kako orchestrating a scheme to acquire all of Nangokuren's one-day limited edition puddings. Afterwards, during the assembly, it is announced that based on her scores Chiyoko has been paired with first year Shiryuu Choo, whom she also tries to recruit for the wrestling team.

The Day of the Festival


Enhanced Strength: Given her size (and alias) Chiyoko is quite strong, capable of throwing Misa several feet into the air with an underhanded toss. Although, Misa is quite small in comparison. Chiyoko is also a member of the wrestling team.

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