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|chapter= 5
|chapter= 5
|cover= [[File:Dragons_Rioting_Ch.5.jpg|200px]]
|cover= [[File:Dragons_Rioting_Ch.5.jpg|200px]]
|japanese title=
|japanese title= 虎動強震 (''Kodō Kyōshin'')
|translated title= Earth-Shaking Tiger
|translated title= Earth-Shaking Tiger
|volume= 1
|volume= 1

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Dragons Rioting Ch.5
Chapter 5
Title 虎動強震 (Kodō Kyōshin)
Translated Title Earth-Shaking Tiger
Dragon Short Light
Tiger Tail Spring Waters

Earth-Shaking Tiger is the 5th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


Having accepted Ayane as his disciple, Rintarou begins to put her through training. However, seeing Ayane's body up close upsets him so much that he runs off half-way through their training session.

Finding solace in a game center, Rintarou meets a young girl of great gaming skills and fighting abilities who turns out to be Hatenko Meru, the "tiger" sought by Rino in the previous chapter.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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