Chapter 20
Chapter 20
Translated Title Fatherly Pride
A Bolt from the Blue
Trials and Tribulations

Fatherly Pride is the 20th chapter of Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting.


Now that summer break has begun, Rintaro is happy to come back home. Unfortunately for him, Ayane and Rurina have tagged along as well having planned in advance when he was trying to avoid them. As they make it into the forest a bear attacks them. After countering the bears attacks is is revealed to be Rintaro's father, Tachibana Kentaro. Kentaro is suspicious of the girls that accompany his son. He draw a line (actually a large crack) in the ground to separate them from his son. Rintaro tells his father about how the school is actually 99% female greatly shocking him, but Rintaro reassures his father that he is glad to be at the school. Rintaro tells him of his experiences at the school and realizes that he needs to improve so he asks his father to train him. Kentaro glad to see his son growing up agrees to train him further.  Ayane then speaks up asking to be trained as well. Kentaro then tries to get rid of the girls by giving them a series of fetching test which they pass with slight difficulty (Rurina passes all test quite easily). As the girls take time to rest in the springs, they are attacked by an actual bear. The bear steals the girls underwear and grabs Rurina. Rintarou sees the situation and promply takes down the bear. While this was happening two people were watching in the shadows. Ayane recognizes one of them as her "oni-chan".

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