Gorozaemon Jinbeenosuke Yonemitsu
Nangokuren Principal
Kanji ゴローザエモン ジンベーノスケ ヨネミツ
Romaji Gorōzaemon Jinbēnosuke Yonemitsu
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Special Info
Occupation Principal
Affiliation Nangokuren High School
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Gorozaemon Jinbeenosuke Yonemitsu (ゴローザエモン ジンベーノスケ ヨネミツ, Gorōzaemon Jinbēnosuke Yonemitsu) is the principal of Nangokuren High School[1]


Not much is known about Gorozaemon personlity.


Gorozaemon appears as a very skinny and weak looking old man with glasses and bald.


He is the Founder of the school martial art. Behind Black mist and Dark Skies as used by Saizo and Blue moon reflected on Lake as used by Rintaro. Thus making him the grand master of both styles.


Enhanced Strength: Gorozaemon seems to have quite a lot of strength as he is able to lift and throw a dice that is heavy enough to crush the floor despite his rather lanky figure.


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