Kanji イヨ
Romaji Iyo
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 22

Iyo (イヨ, Iyo) is a second-year student currently attending Nangokuren High School under Rino's faction.


She seen wearing the female uniform of the school. She has long hair and seen wearing a black bandana covering her mouth.




Brawl Between Two FactionsEdit

Prior the road to the Battle Royale, Iyo briefly fought against Shū [1] whilst joining Rino in battling against Ryōko and the Third Years students, leaving trails of destruction in the academy grounds.[2]

Battle RoyaleEdit

As the Battle Royale for the seal commenced, Iyo infiltrated into the Secret Hot Spring to spy on the Cheerleader Honori for the Royal Seal's whereabouts. Rintaro's presence in the Hot Spring however prompted Iyo to turn her attention towards him instead, by disguising herself as Ayane in order to approach him. [3] It backfires and Rintaro manage to defeat her without many problems.




  • Art of Disguise (変化マスクの術, Zawachin no Jutsu):[4]
  • Ninja Art - Katon no Jutsu (忍法 火遁の術, Ninpō Katon no Jutsu):[5]
  • Kakuren-ryuu no Jutsu - Kamaitachi (隠鎌流忍術 鎌鼬, Kakuren-ryū Ninjutsu Kamaitachi):[6]


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