Kousuke is a first year student of Nangokuren High School. He is a friend with Rintaro and Tamao, as well as a member of the AKB, along with his two friends.


Kousuke is shown to be perverted, like his friend Tamao. He has also shown to care about Rintaro because he became friends with him and even protected Rintaro when he was going to be ambushed.


Kousuke is an average teen, with light color hair with long sideburns and thin eyebrows. He wears a red jacket with a black trim, over a white button down shirt that that is kept unbotton at the top and not tucked in, a black tie with two yellow lines, a belt, black pants, and black shoes.


Currently nothing is known about Tamao's past, except that he has enrolled at Nangokuren High School to meet with school girls.



Currently it is unknown what Kousuke is capable of.

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