Personal Profile
Gender Male
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Kousuke is a first year student of Nangokuren High School. He is a friend with Rintaro and Tamao, as well as a member of the AKB, along with his two friends.


Kousuke is an average teen, with light color hair with long sideburns and thin eyebrows. He wears a red jacket with a black trim, over a white button down shirt that that is kept unbotton at the top and not tucked in, a black tie with two yellow lines, a belt, black pants, and black shoes.


Kousuke is shown to be perverted, like his friend Tamao. He has also shown to care about Rintaro because he became friends with him and even protected Rintaro when he was going to be ambushed.


First Encounter with Rintaro

Ren's Return

WTF Moment detective rintarō

Tamao claimed Rintaro is a geek of detective stories.

After the class however, Tamao became a suspect by both Keiko and Makoto for stealing Ayane's underwear, which he stated that he didn't do so. Both he and Kosuke seek Rintaro and plead him help to clear their name by investigate the real culprit who stole the underwear. While seemly relief that their sworn brother is eager to help them, Tamao was speechless about Rintaro's "detective skills" and claimed that he is a fan to some fictional detective manga and novels. After Rintaro began to investigate, Tamao and Kosuke attempts to flee before they are wraped by the girls, claiming that there are far out of the woods yet.


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