Kagamiin Ryōko
Kanji 神咬院 リョーコ
Romaji Kagamiin Ryōko
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Relative Kagamiin Kyōka (daughter)
Unnamed Husband
Special Info
Occupation School Director
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Kagamiin Ryōko (神咬院 リョーコ, Kagamiin Ryōko) is the mother of Kyōka and the senior director of Nangokuren High School.


Ryōko is a tall, attractive woman and is about the same height as her daughter. She has blonde hair and a figure that mirrors her daughter's. 


Ryōko has a very flirtatious personality and likes to tease her daughter. She seems to have formed a liking toward Rintaro and would like to see him hook up with Kyōka. She is normally seen in an elaborate kimono.


Nihon Buyou: As a member of the Kagamiin family, she is an expert on the Japanese Traditional Dance, as she judged her daughter's and her partner's performance during the Bakugyaku Festival.

Stealth Skills: She seems to have some skills in stealth as she was able to sneak up on her daughter and Rintaro in the family bathhouse.

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