Alias Slashing Steel Empress
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Kako(斬鋼帝), also known as Slashing Steel Empress, is a student of Nanokuren High School and an ally of Kyōka. She also has hatred for Hatenko Meru.


Kako is an average teenage girl, with long black hair hair that extends to her butt and an eyepatch that covers her left eye. She wears a white shirt that splits into two ends at her weist whcih extends down the sides of her legs, a dark colored skirt with two lines, and boots. She also wears a choker and a necklace around her neck, two leather bracelets on her left wrist while she has one on her right wrist. She also wears a sword holder on her chest that carries her sword on her back.


Kako is shown to be a calm person. She has shown to have hatred for Hatenko Meru and is willing to attack her.


At some point Kako has joined Nanokuren High School. A year before the story starts Kako faced Meru in a Mentos Cola chugging match and lost, which resulting in her being forced to wear an eyepatch for a year.


Kako first appeared walking to school with Kyōka. When they encounter Hatenko Meru and Erin, she watches as Meru and Kyōka punch each other. She then attacks Meru and says how dare Meru show herself infront of her. When Meru greets her, she continues to attack and asks if Meru has forgoten what she did to her eye. She then notices that Meru is on her blade and swings it. When Meru says that she looks good with the eyepatch, she yells at Meru saying that she made her wear it after losing a game with Meru. She then starts to attack again after Meru squeezes her breasts. Her blade is then caught by Rintaro when she almost attacks him, and apologizes afterwards. She then stands by Kyoka's side, when Ayane and Rino arrives.

She then watches as Meru is going to fight Rintaro. She then continues to watch as Rino stops the match and is the challenged by Ayane. She comments about how Meru always make a mess of things up. She then watches as Rino and Ayane battle. She then comments about how Ayane is starting fast, and asks if Rino is a slow starter. She then listens as Kyoka explains how Rino is going to savor the match. When Rino attacks Ayane, She comments about how Rino really goes all out. When then match is stopped and Kyoka finishes talking Rino, she then leaves with Kyoka.


Kako is shown to be a capable swordwoman but is not able to even scratch Hatenko Meru.


Swordsmanship: Kako is shown to be a capable swordswoman, but is not able to land a blow on Meru.


Sword: When fighting, Kako weilds a sword with the hilt wrapped in black clothe and a chain that has a small cross linked to the end of the sword.


  • Kako wears that same kind of shirt as Ayane, but her shirt has the sleeves.
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