Kanji キト
Romaji Kito
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Special Info
Affiliation Hatenko Meru (original owner)

Tachibana Rintaro (current owner)

Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 4

Kito (キト, Kito) was Hatenko Meru's pet hamster. Whenever Meru is not in action, Kito tends usually rests in her pocket between her game consoles straps. It is later given to Rintaro as his "souvenir" after the latter beats her in the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony. In most of the scenario after Meru left, Kito usually sits atop Rintaro's head.


One of the animals in the manga series, Kito is a cute red-haired hamster with white on his stomach. Unlike any ordinary hamster, Kito also has a long tail much similar to a gerbils. According to Ayane, Kito is one of Meru's personal trademarks that represent her and her very own companion if aren't anyone to "entertain" her with her fist.


Kito has an easy-going personality, and has shown to mirror first Meru's, then later Rintaro's emotions. He's friendly with most people, especially those he knows personally. However, when the situation demands it, he can be very serious.



Despite being very small and cute-looking, Kito is actually quite agile and fast, allowing him to suddenly appear out of nowhere. He also possesses enough strength to knock out an opponent ten times his size. 


When the Rookie Meet the Tiger

Kito first appears in chapter 5, looking at Rintaro after gaming battle in 'Bucho Bucho'. After that Meru calls him back, resulting in Meru meeting Rintaro. His next appearance is when he jumps between Ayane's breasts when she came for Rintaro then Kito was bounced off when Meru grabbed Ayane's breasts.

On the next day when Meru challenged Rintaro into a duel , Kito jumped out of the pocket in fear and looking for shelter, while watching her battle against the newbie, just to sate her own curiosity about his true potential. This was soon averted by the appearance of Rino, Ayane and the ensuing battle between them.


During the competition between Meru and Rintaro to destroy a building, Kito decides to watch from within Okina cleavage. After Rintaro wins the contest, Kito stays with him after Meru quits school.

Ren Returns

Up to this point, Kito has stayed on the sidelines and only made small appearances until the former Dragon returns. He quickly shows that he is quite familiar with Ren, and she with him. He later takes on a major role by knocking out the monkey accomplice of the underwear thief.

Battle Royale

(To be added...)


  • There is a running gag that Kito often hides in between the female bust each time he find some place "safety".
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