Kanji ミノモン
Romaji Minomon
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Special Info
Affiliation Underwear Thief
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 16

Minomon (ミノモン, Minomon) is the Underwear Thief's animal partner.


One of the animals in the manga series, Minomon is a medium sized monkey.


Minomon seems to be very well-trained and will follow his trainer's commands without question.


Minomon has considerable stealth skills and is able to enter a building and steal underwear without detection, though he was eventually tracked down by Rintaro. He's also got some fighting ability, though not on the same level as Kito's


Underwear TheftEdit

Minomon was obeying his trainer's command to steal underwear from the girls locker rooms, particularily those belonging to Ayane. However, his tracks were discovered and followed by Rintaro. The monkey tried to attack Rintaro, but was immediately knocked out along with his trainer, courtesy of a single punch by Kito. He and his trainer are both punished by Okina Sensei with detention.

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