Kanji ミサ
Romaji Misa
Alias Kyūeika (Glorious Flower of Archery)
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Academic Affiliation
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 11

Misa (ミサ, Misa), also known as Kyūeika (弓栄花, lit. Glorious Flower of Archery), is a third year student at Nangokuren High School and an ally of Kyōka.


Misa is a small girl, who could easily pass as a little kid, with long dark hair reaching to her waist. She wears the typical school uniform with a headband in her hair. On her person she carries a bow and quiver filled with arrows.


Misa is quite clumsy and tends to drop her belongings often. She is also very kind and apologetic.


Bakugyaku Festival

Before attending the school assembly in the First Main Gymnasium for the Bakugyaku Festival, Misa is shown with fellow third years Chiyoko and Kako orchestrating  a scheme to acquire all of Nangokuren's one-day limited edition puddings. Afterwards, during the assembly, it is announced that based on her scores Misa has been paired with Ayane.

The Day of the Festival


Expert Archer: Misa is quite adept at archery being to notch and shoot multiple arrows at the same time. As a sharpshooter in archery, Misa can accurately target and shoot three pudding cups while in the air from a far distance without any difficulties. 

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