Kanji オキナ
Romaji Okina
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Special Info
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Nangokuren High School
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 2

Okina (オキナ, Okina) is a teacher of Nangokuren High School. She is the homeroom teacher of Rintaro and Ayane.


Okina is shown to have a serious personality, as she tells the students not to get lazy. Okina does have a perverted side, as she told the students to enjoy their youth while grabbing her breasts.


Okina is an average adult women, with black hair that is tied in a bun and some hanging from the side. She wears a dark colored button down vest that is particially open, over a white button down shirt that is also particially open showing her cleavage and with the sleeves rolled up, a dark colored mini skirt, a necklace, and a bracelet.


Currently nothing is known about Okina's past, except that at some point she became a teacher of Nangokuren High School.


Okina first appeared introducing herself to her class as their homeroom teacher. She then tells her students that the school is full of problems and that they shouldn't get lazy because they don't easily award those who do their best. She then talks with Ayane about her group and facing about the other two Dragons. When Ayane tells her about how she is will to face them, she comments about how Ayane's eyes are as clear as water and wishes her good luck on her path. She then tells her class that they also need to enjoy their springtime of youth as she squeezes her breasts.

Days later, she tells her class that youth is the most important part of being a student, while studies are just extra.


It is currently unknown what Okina is capable of.

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