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|name = Rino
|name = Rino
|image = [[Image:Rino.png|200px]]
|image = [[Image:Rino.png|250px]]
|kanji = 嵐翠竜 リノ(らんすいりゅう りの)
|kanji = 嵐翠竜 リノ(らんすいりゅう りの)
|romaji =
|romaji =

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Kanji 嵐翠竜 リノ(らんすいりゅう りの)
Alias Ransuiryū
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Rino(リノ,Rino) also known as Ransuiryū (嵐翠竜, Ransuiryū), is one of the three Dragons of Nangokuren High School. Being the smartest of all Three Dragons, Rino often use her tactics to overcome her rivals while use her peers/other as her pawn to execute her plan to become one oft. That is until the rival she observed, Rintaro



Rino's colour scheme.

Rino is an average young woman with short blonde hair, and wears glasses with red rims. She wears a green button down vest over a white bottom down shirt, a black tie with two yellow lines, a green skirt with two yellow lines, stockings, and a black shoes.


As one of the smart and cunning Dragon, Rino is a calm and calculating individual whose focus one plan to achieve the better results and only the best results in best evaluation in her life. Being the opportunist, Rino would rather observe on the situation first before any action taken and she would only fights if her tactics were failed and running out of options.

It is due to her philosophy that only a "useful" successful peers is the only thing she needs to achieve to the top, Rino isn't hesitate to discard anyone who is not useful to her,claimed that a failed pawn would only block her route, and failure is not her part of her plans.


Nothing is known about Rino's past except that she had enrolled at Nanogkuren High School and is currently a 2nd year.


Rino first appears watching the fight between Ayane and Kyouka.

The next day, she is informed that Asuna has lost and that the disciplinary squad has been disbanded. Rino then says that Asuna's defeat is all within her calculation and how she never expected anything from her, as she deletes Asuna from her phone. The others then wonder how to defeat the other two dragons, which Rino tells them that a tiger can defeat a dragon. Rino then reveals that Hatenko Meru is back.

Later, she heads to the park to pick up Hatenko Meru. She then tells Meru that now its time for her to fulfull the convent of hagen, but is interrupted by the arrival of Erin. She then asks why Erin is here, but Erin ignores her. She then tells Erin to step down and that she is not done here, resulting in still being ignored. She then listens as Meru apologizes and says that Meru is partnering with Rintarou. She then leaves along with her followers.

The next day, she encounters Ayane and Kyouka while heading to school. When Meru suddenly attacks Rintarou, she notices the movements. She then watches as Rintaro and Meru are going to fight which later intervened the Tiger to stop fighting with him and she decided to "eliminate" . 

The next day, Rino is one of the audience to witness the duel between Rintaro and Meru. After Rintaro wins she walks over to him, grabs his tie and says that he is hers, but Rintaro quickly gets away.


Rino is considered one of the strongest student at Nangokuren High School.


Swordsmanship: Rino has shown to be a capable swordsman, as she was able to easily diverts and block all of Ayanes's attacks. Meru has described Rino's sword fighting like water. Rino's defensive style constantly changes and adapts like the flow of water, while her attacking style is as powerful as pressurized water cutting through diamond. Rino is also ambidextrous, which allows her to use her full strength with both hands.

Enhanced Speed: Rino is shown to be fast, as she was able to blocks all of Ayane's Sensenryuu Sougageki attack.


Rino wields twin black swords that has bandages around the handle and Red and Brown fur links to the end of each.


  • Ranbu Ran Bu (Storm Dance of the Wild Blades): Rino slashes her target in a cross like style. The techniques was strong enough to tears apart Ayane's clothes.


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