, also known as Chikoufuu (Earth Ruling Wind), was a chairwoman of the Disciplinary Squad of Nangokuren High School, along with her sister Rumina.


Rurina is shown to be serious and abides by the rules of Nangokuren High School. She is rumored to be super sadistic along with her sister, and is will to attack anyone who breaks the rules. She is also loyal to Asuna, as she stopped attack Rintaro,Tamao, and Kousuke because Asuna told her to. She is also willing to extort money for Asuna as well. She also has a crush on Rintaro after he defeat her, and even stalkers her.



Currently nothing is known about Rurina's past, except that she has enrolled at Nanogokuren High School and became the chairwoman of the Disciplinary Squad along with her sister.



Rurina is shown to be fast and can completely synchro with her sister for a joint attack. She also weilds a sword with a kanji writen on the blade.


  • Three Bodies, One Soul: Rurina, along with Rumina and Asuna, attacks an opponent simutaneously.
    • Fang of Triple Wind: Rurin attack an opponent along with her sister Rumina, while Asuna launches two weights at the opponent.
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