Personal Profile
Gender Female
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Rurina (, Rurina), also known as Chikōfū (, lit. Earth Ruling Wind), was a chairwoman of the Disciplinary Squad of Nangokuren High School, along with her sister Rumina.


Rurina is shown to be serious and abides by the rules of Nangokuren High School. She is rumored to be super sadistic along with her sister, and has the will to attack anyone who breaks the rules. She is also loyal to Asuna, as she stopped attacking Rintaro,Tamao, and Kousuke because Asuna told her to. She is also willing to extort money for Asuna as well. She also has a crush on Rintaro after he defeat her, and even stalks him.


Rurina is an average young woman with shoulder length light colored hair with some covering her right eye, thin eyebrows, and a ribbon in her hair. She wears a dark colored button down vest over a button down white shirt, a dark colored skirt with two yellow lines, black socks, and black shoes. She also wears a light colored scarf and a yellow armband with the kanji for wind on her left arm. She also carries a sword.

After her clothes are ripped by Rintaro, she along with her sister wear school swimsuits.


Currently nothing is known about Rurina's past, except that she has enrolled at Nanogokuren High School and became the chairwoman of the Disciplinary Squad along with her sister.



Rurina is shown to be fast and can completely synchronize with her sister for a joint attack. She also weilds a sword with a kanji written on the blade.


  • Three Bodies, One Soul: Rurina, along with Rumina and Asuna, attacks an opponent simultaneously.
    • Fang of Triple Wind: Rurina attack an opponent along with her sister Rumina, while Asuna launches two weights at the opponent.
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