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Faction Profile
Proficient Members Ayane (leader)
Shiryuu Choo
Faction Relationship
Allies Rintaro (Ayane's mentor)
Rivals Kyōka
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Ryōzenpaku (竜閃泊, Dragon Night Flash) is one of the three factions currently fighting for supremacy at Nangokuren High School, and is led by Ayane who is known as the Senseiryū. It is also a faction which allied with the main protagonist, Rintaro after he reluctantly accept Ayane as his first female disciple.


Unexpected Encounter

Ayane and Kyōka fighting for dominance.

At the time of Rintaro's arrival at the academy, Ryōzenpaku fought with Kyōka's 3rd year group for supremacy, due to Ayane decision to fight Kyōka to end her days of bullying the juniors. As the battle between the Dragons heated up and Ayane was almost on the verge of defeat, the group then rushed to her aide before Kyōka's group could act. Just as Ayane manages to stand up to continue the fight, it was interrupted by Rintaro (who was originally escaping from the stampeding girls) as he creates a shield to protect himself from Ayane and Kyōka.

Ayane requesting Rintaro's tutelage.

Ayane acknowledges his power as the strength she need to protect the innocent, and she approaches the confused Rintaro to ask him to become her master ; only to be amazed even further with Rintaro's exaggerated reaction to  seeing her half-naked form. Confused yet intrigued over the sudden move, Ayane would address Rintaro as her master. On the next day, Ayane is amazed once again by Rintaro stealth skills which managed to slip away from the classroom, yet she can't find a trace of him after he left, which she ended up receiving a mocking ambush from her fellow members and friends, Keiko and Makoto, as the progression of their Summer training. Putting the reunion matters aside, the Co-Leaders would discussed the serious matter


Student Position Title Fighting Elements Introduction
Ayane Leader Senseiryū Martial Artist Dragon of Speed and the leader of her faction, Ryōzenpaku, Ayane believes that people's bonds and friendship would become her strength to overcome the odds. After she witnessed Rintaro's amazing power, Ayane would begged Rintaro to become her master while believing that his talent might be what she need to surpass the other Dragons and bring harmony to the academy.
Keiko Co-Leader Gōhien Street Brawler One of the co-leaders of the group, Keiko is Ayane's loyal friend and subordinate who is a glutton for food and often fight first then asks questions. Being the toughest brawler of the group, Keiko's incredible power is able to crush or lift even huge boulders.
Makoto Co-Leader Tōretsutei Weapon Arts One of the co-leader of the group, Makoto is Ayane's loyal friend and subordinate who is obsessed with personal hygiene, especially bathe is her top priority. As a fighter with refined mannerisms and discipline, Makoto is also proficient with weaponry, especially her signature Bisento.

Group Strength

Technically speaking, since they are newly-formed in comparison to the other two Dragon Groups, they represent the smallest of the three divisions. The majority of their number are first-years and juniors, all of whom revere Ayane and her subordinates.


Other than the fact that Ayane is the Third Dragon, the Ryōzenpaku is basically a new group with no concrete direction, other than protecting the weaker students against those who bully them, particualy by Kyōka and Rino's groups. Since Ayane discovered early on how much stronger Kyōka was and later Rino, she had persuaded Rintaro to train her in order to raise her level against her rivals.



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