Gyūku no Gyō
Japanese Name
Romanized Name
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut
Practitioners Rintaro

Gyūku no Gyō (牛躯の形, lit. the Way of the Bull's/Cow's Body) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu. This method gives the user the ability to control his breathing in both exhaling and inhaling. This also allows for immovability or resistance against attack.


  • Gluttony (金髪少女ギャルソネ, Gyarusone, lit. Blond Girl): Rintaro is able to eat large amounts of food at a high rate, thereby distracting himself away from looking at Kyouka. Somehow, he is able to store all the food energy for later use, much like the four stomachs of a cow.[1]
  • Fuufuu Pipe (風封肺浮, lit. Lung-Sealing Floating Wind): By taking an extremely deep breath, Rintaro can actually blow an object up to a high altitude with considerable control.[2]
  • Sumibi Gyūkaku(角弾牛角, lit. Bullet-Deflecting Bull Horns): Rintaro anchors himself by driving both legs into the ground. He then takes a stance and uses breathing exercises to prepare for impact. With one arm held up and one down in the shape of a knife edge, Rintaro is able to deflect a charging attack, regardless of speed, size or power. This will cause his opponent to absorb the full damage of the impact. This is similar to a marksman's trick of splitting a bullet in half using a knife's edge.[3] Ayane has demonstrated the same technique but it is only able to withstand impacts and cannot deflect them.
  • Mogura (雑誌土竜モグラ, lit. Magazine Mole):[4]The technique name is a reference to a manga magazine mascot.



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