Jakotsu no Gyō
Japanese Name 蛇骨の形
Romanized Name Jakotsu no Gyō
Manga Debut Chapter 9
Anime Debut
Practitioners Tachibana Rintaro

Jakotsu no Gyō (蛇骨の形, lit. The Way of the Snake Bone) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu.

By altering the muscles system,the user able to utilize extreme reflexes and balance. The body is able to contort in various ways, allowing the user to slip through tight spaces or across any terrain, much like a snake.


  • Slimy Slither (守裸移霧): An evasion technique which allows Rintaro to quickly slip out of his necktie when Rino got too close and grabbed it.[1]
  • Jinshō Shippa (刃翔疾波, lit. Rapid Waves of Soaring Blade): By altering the leg's muscles, the user is able to rapidly move across any surface (Rintaro was able to cross a freshly waxed floor without slipping). This also allows the user to maintain his balance and equilibrium. In Rintaro's case, he could balance four stacks of plates without dropping one.[2]
  • Sōkyoku Wanshō (双極腕衝, lit. Double-Ended Piercing Technique): An evasion technique where Rintaro extends his arm and spins around to dig underground in a straight line with great force and speed. Ren compares this to being like an earthworm.[3]
  • Snake (隠上手兵スネーク, lit. Hidden Soldier):[4]



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