Jinen no Gyō
Japanese Name 迅猿の形
Romanized Name Jin'en no Gyou
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut
Practitioners Rintaro

Jinen no Gyō (迅猿の形, lit. Way of the Swift Ape) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu. This technique utilities the user's powerful leg strength to increase mobility and flexibilty, much like that of an ape.


  • Senkū Chōha (閃空跳羽, lit. Flying Feather of The Open Skies): A technique that utilizing the user's leg strength allowing them to swiftly jump from wall-to-wall and reach great heights.[1]
  • See No Evil: A technique where Rintaro waves his hand in from of his face to block his view. This techniques was first used to shield his sight from seeing Meru's underwear.[2]
  • Apron (衣達人乱えぷろん, lit. Clothing Expert Revolt): By quickly countering the opponents kick he is able to coil himself around his opponents opening and tie his shirt on the enemy to make it look like she is wearing a apron.[3]
  • Konohagakure (木ノ葉隠霊, lit. Spirit Hidden in Leaves): A evasive technique where Rintaro quickly jumps up to stick his head into a tree with thick leaves to avoid seeing Ayane and Rurina's naked bodies when they were bathing. This technique's name and what's involved in it is a pun on the name of the Hidden Leaf Village of the Naruto series.[4]
  • Rokusaburo Michiba (, lit. '):[5]



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