Juso no Gyou
Japanese Name 珠鼠の形
Romanized Name Juso no Gyō
Manga Debut Chapter 12
Anime Debut
Practitioners Tachibana Rintaro

Juso no Gyō (珠鼠の形, literally, The Way of the Mouse Ball) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu.


  • Amayo Jingo (雨夜陣五): Though it is unclear how he accomplishes this, Rintaro is able to produce a kind of sticky mucous from his body, allowing him to adhere to walls and ceilings and slither across them like a slug. Kyouka finds this move to be quite creepy.[1]The technique name is a reference to the character Jingoro Amayo from manga and anime series Basilisk
  • Ishin Denshin (Progressive Transmission of the Menacing Quake): Rintaro slams his hand on the wall, which causes a shockwave that travels through the wall to the windows and opens them.
  • Muka Chakka Inferno (ムカ着火インフェルノ, lit. Irritated Ignition Inferno):By vigorously rubbing his palms together, Rintaro can create an intense burst of heat which can immediately dry soaking wet clothing in an instant. He does this to avoid looking at Ayane's sweat-covered body.[2]
  • Yuka Stone (床ストーン, lit. Floor Stone): By slamming his palm on the floor, he can actually make a section of it drop down to a lower level.[3]
  • Tsukutte Asobo (湧々頃利): [4]



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