Kogaku no Gyō
Goho Hagan2
Japanese Name 虎顎の形
Romanized Name Kogaku no Gyou
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut
Practitioners Rintaro

Kogaku no Gyō (虎顎の形, literally, The Way of the Tiger Jaw) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu. By utilizing the body's physical strength, the user can use techniques powerful enough to reshape the environment around them. Out of all the Ways, this is quite possibly the most destructive. So far, Rintaro has yet to use these techniques on a living opponent.


  • Gōhō Hagan (轟崩破巖, lit. Destructive Roar Collapsing Crag): By slamming the ground directly beneath themselves, the user is capable of uplifting two walls of earth on either side of themselves, forming a corridor of stone. These walls aren't very durable however, as they were easily demolished by Kyōka, somebody of Dragon level. This technique was first showed when Rintaro stopped the fight beetwen Kyōka and Ayane.[1] Ayane would later use a variation of this technique against a berserk Marokichi.
  • Gōhō Gadan (轟崩牙断, lit. Destructive Roar of the Cleaving Fang): By focusing as much of his physical might into his arms(drastically increasing the power in his strikes) outstretching his hands and then strikes at the designated area. The force of the blow is strong enough to completely fracture a cliff off a mountain, but using this technique can damage the user's body, as Rintaro injures his arms because of the technique's power.[2]



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