Yakuto no Gyō
Japanese Name 躍兎の形
Romanized Name Yakuto no Gyou
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut
Practitioners Rintaro

Yakuto no Gyō (躍兎の形, lit. Way of the Leaping Rabbit) is one of the Ways of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu. This method focuses on the sensory perception of hearing, particually that of a rabbit that is on the lookout for predators. Rintaro is also able to put on quick bursts of speed like a rabbit to avoid being caught.


  • Jichō Kachō (耳超過聴): By shutting down all of his senses other than hearing, Rintaro becomes incredibly sensitive to sound which results in a sonar image of his surroundings forming in his mind. Using this technique, Rintaro was able to uncover a secret entrance to Asuna's hideout.[1]
  • A Wild Rabbit Appears (生命を狩り獲る邪兎出現, Inochi wo Karitoru Jabitto Shutsugen,): In order to avoid looking up Ayane's skirt while she was climbing a cliff, Rintaro employs an incredibly fast burst of speed, allowing him to ascend a sheer rock wall almost instantaneously.
  • Ītō Maki Maki (射闘慎巻 (イートーマキマキ), lit. Shining Battling Modest Winding):[2] Using a series of intricate motions, Rintaro is able to knit and create clothing from separate strands of twine, threads or whatever material is on hand.
  • Kirby Ball (桃色球体 (カービィボール), lit. Pink Sphere):[3]
  • Musasabi (ムササビ, lit. Flying Squirrel):[4]



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