Kanji サイゾー
Romaji Saizō
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Academic Affiliation
Affiliation Asahina Clan
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 20

Saizō (サイゾー, Saizō) is an old acquaintance of Ayane.


Saizo usally keeps his eyes in a closed like appearance.


Saizō appears as a cheerful and upbeat man who is often smiling almost in any situation.

Behind his smile and benevolence however is a mask to cover his sadistic and malevolent self which scared both Iori and Ayane deeply. He is also described as a power-hungry man who would going to hurt or kill anyone in order to be the strongest, even his own peers. For Saizō, power is everything he needs to subdue anyone or anything to his feet.


In their childhood, Saizō, Ayane and Iori were raised under the hidden Asahina Clan and learned its assassination martial arts, the Ryūha Kokumu Anten. As a senior student to both Ayane and Iori, Saizō gave the girls useful tips in fighting. 


Bitter Reunion


Rivalry Against Rintaro



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