Shiryuu Choo
Shiryū Chō
Kanji 支流超
Romaji シリュウ チョー
Alias Seibu Empress
Personal Profile
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Academic Affiliation
Occupation Student
Media Appearances
Manga Debut Chapter 10

Shiryuu Choo is a first-year student currently attending Nangokuren High School and a friend of Ayane.


Shiryuu is a typical teenage girl of average height, has brown hair which she keeps in a single long braid and wears a sports jacket.


Shiryuu is a competitive individual, who dislikes being looked down at and usually says "aru" at the end of her sentences. She is apparently a fan of Jet Li (as well as his japanese voice actor) and made a couple Jet Li movie references  during her brief scuffle with Rintaro.


Bakugyaku Festival

Some time after Meru's departure from the academy, Shiryuu would appeared behind Rintaro while tend to look at the result from afar, prompts her to think that Rintaro is a "peeping tom". As she understand well that Ayane 's words about him are true, Shiryuu would test him by giving several kicks which Rintaro managed dodged them all and she is warped by Rintaro jacket around her waist, much to her dismay that Rintaro's technique are used from "Jackie Style". As she would proceed to fight against Rintaro with her moves, she is halt by her friend, Ayane and begin to have chat with them each other.





  • Most of Shiryuu's favorite movies are based on Jet Li, the famous Chinese martial artist and actor.



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