Chapter 9: Batsuzangaisei (Chapter)

As the student body gathers around Ren Hall, Okina explains to them that the red flag signifies the start of one of their school's traditions, the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony. Used to determine the strength between students, the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony is a race between two students to see who can destroy their side of a building first. The last student to complete the ceremony was Ren, whose name was used for the current building.

Beginning the challenge, Hatenko Meru focusses on destroying the buildings support beams, and realising his side is all wooden boards, Rintaro comes up with a different approach. Using Gōhō Gadan to fracture the cliff the building was standing on, he manages to collapse the ground underneath, sending the entire building into the ocean. Victorious, Rintaro gains the approval of Hatenko as well as a new-found rivalry in Rino and Kyōka.


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