Student Class Fighting Elements Affiliation Introduction
Tachibana Rintaro First Year
(1H Class)
Martial Artist Independent,
Ryōzenpaku (ally)
Rintaro is a special student who suffers the infamous Hentai Syndrome, a bizarre disease which slowly kills him should he become sexually aroused. For this reason, Rintaro practices mediation in order to avoid any troubles that involves women. He is also a mentor and supporter to his fellow classmate Ayane. Currently, Rintaro is paving his path as the academy's first male Dragon.
Ayane First Year
(1H Class)
Martial Artist Ryōzenpaku Dragon of Speed and leader of her faction named Ryōzenpaku, Ayane believes bonds and friendship are her ultimate strength. After witnessed Rintaro's power that separated both Kyōka and herself during their duel, Ayane sought Rintaro in order to improve her fighting skill, a request Rintaro initially refused until he witnessed her sacrifice for her friends. Under Rintaro's training, Ayane able to perform her version of Ryūha Koei Sōgetsu martial arts moves. Ayane was a former Asahina Clan member before her enrollment into the academy.
Kyōka Third Year
(3B Class)
Street Brawler ??? Dragon of Power and one of the strongest Dragons in the academy, Kyōka is one of the most beautiful yet brutal student of them all. Having a strong antagonistic rivalry against Ayane because of her principles that the strong prevails in any battles. After seeing Rintaro's strength that easily intercept their battle and his victory in the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony, Kyōka turns her attention towards the boy since, and also amonst of few who knows Rintaro's Hentai Syndrome.
Rino Second Year Weaponry Master ??? Dragon of Technique and the most cunning among the three Dragons. While she is no means weak in actual combat, Rino would rather use her wits and tactics to win her position as the academy's strongest, all to attempt to surpass her elder sister Ren. Initially dismissive of Rintaro whom she deemed as a roadblock in her quest for power, Rino is impressed over his amazing skills and even viewing him as a "useful" pawn after his victory in the Batsuzangaisei Ceremony.
Keiko First Year Street Brawler Ryōzenpaku One of the co-leaders of the Ryōzenpaku, as well as Ayane's loyal subordinate and close friend, Keiko is the group's powerhouse brawle whose raw strength able to lift large objects with ease. She is also glutton who indulges food so much that she argues with her fellow member Makoto that eating is her priority.
Makoto First Year Weaponry Master Ryōzenpaku One of the co-leaders of the Ryōzenpaku, as well as Ayane's loyal subordinate and close friend, Makoto is proficient in any weaponry, especially her naginata. She is also obsessed to personal hygiene that she often argue with her fellow member Keiko that taking baths is her priority.
Shiryuu Choo First Year (1D Class) Martial Artist Ryōzenpaku (Ally) Hardcore fan of Jet Li movies and his fighting styles, Shiryuu Choo is Ayane's friend and ranked 2nd among the First Year students. Flexible and astute students, Shiryuu was initially skeptical towards Rintaro's skills as a she took them as an "indirect insult" to her idol. Nevertheless, Shiryuu seemly admires his quick dodges from her kicks since Rintaro is Ayane's current friend and mentor.
Kako Third Year Weaponry Master ??? Kyōka's loyal friend who is a master of katana skills while begrudging against Meru for forcing her to wear the eye-patch after she lost a bet to her (though Meru teased her that Kako is actually like the eye patch.).
Chiyoko Third Year Street Brawler ??? Kyōka's and Kako's friend who appears to be a grappler of the academy's wrestling club. Possessing her superhuman strength that throw almost anything that heavier than herself which she deems as light as feather. Despite this attributes however, Chiyoko is an out-going yet compassionate student who cares deeply about her fellow students. She would also tends to recruit Shiryuu to become one of her wrestling club member.
Misa Third Year Weaponry Master ??? Kyōka's and Kako's friend, Misa is a sharpshooter among the Third Year students who is proficient in archery, with every targets are shot in precise accuracy. Even with her marksmanship however, Misa is a shy yet clumsy girl who got herself in trouble and considered as a liability by some peers, especially Kako.
Asuna Second Year Weaponry Master Independent
Disciplinary Squad (former)
One time president of the Disciplinary Squad and the school idol, Asuna would use her music and charm to hypnotize her fellow students to trick them into buying her merchandise (though her tricks didn't work on Rintaro thanks to his phobia). As one of weaker students, Asuna would use any means, such as holding hostages, to gain an advantage in a fight. Her defeat and failure caused the Disciplinary Squad to be disbanded. She seems to be Rino's former ally as she fantasize about being Rino's "pet" to earn Rino's respect. Since the Disciplinary Squad's dismissal, Asuna begrudged upon Ayane and vowed to crush her, Ryōzenpaku and Rintaro including manipulating Marokichi to do her biding.
Rumina First Year Weaponry Master Independent
Disciplinary Squad (former)
One of the "Twin Winds" of the Disciplinary Squad, Rumina is proficient in sword attacks and often paired with her sister Rurina to attack her target.
Rurina First Year Weaponry Master Independent
Disciplinary Squad (former)
One of the "Twin Winds" of the Disciplinary Squad, Rurina is proficient in sword attacks and often paired with her sister Rumina to attack her target. After the seemly dismissal of the Disciplinary Squad, Rurina has possessed a romantic crush upon Rintaro.
Kōsuke First Year None A.K.B
Brotherhood of Virginity
Rintaro's male friend and Elder Sworn Brother of Virginity.
Tamao First Year None A.K.B
Brotherhood of Virginity
Another Rintaro's male friend and Middle Sworn Brother of Virginity.
Marokichi First Year None (Normal Form)

Street Brawler (Beast Form)

Supernatural (Ultimate Form)
Independent Another rare male student in the academy, Marokichi is a shy yet mysterious student who sulking about his daily troubles while condemning himself for being "useless". Similar to Rintaro, Marokichi has troubles with girls due to his unusual disease. Contrast to Rintaro's counterpart however, his disease allows him to transforme into a hulking creature every time he is sexually aroused, which causing him going on a rampage while losing his sense of reason in the progress. Marokichi is also one of few male students whom Rintaro befriends in their first encounter. After defeated by Ayane's technique, Marokichi became one of Rintaro's friend and allies.
Erin Third Year ??? Hatenko Meru

Tachibana Rintaro (current)
Meru's friend and personal informant. A person who didn't talk much, Erin only communicates via whispering almost to anyone regardless her allies or rivals. Her entrance is usually signaled by a flock of crows. Since Meru's departure from the academy, Erin became Rintaro's important informant as Meru's "gift" to him.
Naomi Third Year Street Brawler Independent Notorious for her dirty trickery while cheating for easy victories, Naomi is an arrogant bully who abuses her power to get what she wants. Nicknamed as the Evil Beauty, Naomi used to be one of the academy's beautiful student in the academy until Kyōka "stole" her spotlight, resulting her grudge against Kyōka and increasing her stress which Naomi relieved via overeating, further shaping her obese body-figures. Staggeringly, she is also capable in returning her usual shape.
Honori Third Year ??? Third Year Faction Cheer-leading club member who famed for her loud voice, Honori is also Kyōka's friend and supporter. Because of her loud voice that sounded larger than a distance sonic boom, even Kyōka found her annoying. She often seen holding a giant flag-pole all the time.
Megu Second Year Street Brawler (Without Dual Tonfa)

Weaponry Master (With Dual Tonfa)
Rino One of Rino's close subordinates, Megu is the powerhouse fight among Rino's faction and specialize in using Dual Tonfas, her main weapon.
Shū Second Year Unknown Rino One of Rino's close subordinates and Rino's professional informant.
Ryōko Second Year Weaponry Master Rino One of Rino's subordinates, Ryōko is a fighter who is proficient in nunchaku. espite sharing her same affiliation with Shū and Megu, Ryōko's relationship with both Megu and Shū are like water and oil.
Iyo Second Year Assassination Arts

Weaponry Master
Rino One of Rino's subordinates and her faction member, Iyo is also student who is proficient in both ninjitsu arts and master of disguise. Despite sharing her same affiliation with Shū and Megu, Iyo's relationship with both Megu and Shū are like water and oil. Despite her expertise however, Iyo's face was the first to be uncovered by Rintaro by accident.
Iori First Year Martial Artist Independent
Ryōzenpaku (ally)
A former Asahina Clan member and Ryūha Kokumu Anten martial artist. Once a friend of Ayane, Iori became one of Ayane's enemies after she left Asashina Clan during an incident that involved their senior Saizō, who brutally beaten his fellow students for power. During their reunion, both Iori and Ayane fought in a duel where she was defeated but spared by Ayane herself. After being rescued by Rintaro from Saizō, Iori eventually reconciled with Ayane whilst (reluctantly) befriended with Rintaro altogether.
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